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Support our School!!!- You can order RADA products online at any time and our school will get a portion of the proceeds.  Go to http://www.helpourfundraiser.com, enter Customer Number: 503688 and Password: sdaschool.

Help the Nevada SDA School earn a 32GB Surface with Bing Rewards!

Here’s all you need to do:

Go to http://www.bing.com/explore/rewards?PUBL=REFERAFRIEND&CREA=RAW&rrid=_a6ffa7a6-5dd7-7946-f744-3b996a632acb Click Try it Now Free

You will be prompted to log in to your Microsoft account or create one if you don’t already have one.

Start searching using Bing.com. You can earn 15 points per day by using Bing search on your PC and 15 points per day by using Bing search on your mobile device. You can also earn points from your Bing Dashboard by clicking on the links there. (Don’t think you have time to do 30 searches? Go to http://www.pogocheats.net/bing-rewards-bot/ and click search. If you save this in your favorites, you can do it every day and it only takes a few seconds!)

When you earn 50 points or more, you can redeem them. From your Bing dashboard, click “Redeem” then “donate” or look for the option to donate your points to the school of your choice. You will be asked to enter the zip code, then select the school.


Special Van Ministry Donation Appeal

Please consider donating women's feminine hygiene products/needs to the Des Moines Area Van Ministries. If you would like to drop items off at church, you may do so in the tote underneath the coat rack labeled, “Des Moines Area Van Ministries, Women's Hygiene.” If you prefer to donate cash please give donations to Cindy Wooledge, the items will then be purchased and will be taken to the Van Ministries. The items will be donated the 4th Sunday every month during the Van Ministries street delivery.

These items are needed, and without them life is very difficult for women living on the street or that are in financial crisis. Sadly these items are not covered under WIC or food stamps. Women whose families are in need of food stamps often will sell them to obtain cash to purchase these products. Lets make life a little less difficult for those in need!

Thank You and God Bless!

Prayer Requests/Prayer Group

Anyone with prayer requests is encouraged to share them with Michael, Kay, Judy or Daisy. They will include your requests in their prayers at the Wednesday morning Prayer Group. The group meets at 9:00 am. Everyone is invited to attend! Please contact one of the four organizers listed above for more information.

Labels - Remember to save your Campbell's sou, Sunny-D and Box Tops or Education labels for the church school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
- Remember to save Loma Linda, Worthington, Natural Touch, and Morningstar labels or investment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Updated: Jan 23, 2016
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